What is true happiness?

I know all of us wonder, what is true happiness. Yes, even me I wonder about it too. 

For me happiness is when you do something you like not only for your own benefit, but for others too. Sometimes we do things just to have fun, but do you think your achieving something? Yes we all have problems, but I just realize that… Why do we run from are problems? Why we are afraid to face it? The answer is sometimes we can’t face REALITY! Running to your problems won’t change anything…don’t let problems bring you down. You need to fight, step forward, endure and strive harder. I know its really hard to face reality. Sometimes I wish, I’m on my LaLaLa Land. Imagining things, but this won’t change anything. Yes, I will be happy, but I’m not facing reality. 

I know there are times when we are so WEAK. Always remember you are not alone. I know there’s this person who will be there to Help you, Love you and Cares for you. So stand up and REACH FOR YOUR GOAL! 

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